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for the fresh produce industry

We have ten pressure coolers, two hydro-vac units, and two ice machines to ensure that your produce is cooled quickly and efficiently. 

We have ten dock high loading bays and a full-time appointment system to ensure your trucks can deliver or pick-up product any time of day. 

We customize our operations to provide premium service and full transparency for all of your shipments.



True Distribution is the result of a four-generation pursuit of the best and most sustainable solutions for fresh produce distribution. In 1937, W.H. Deardorff created a produce company in Los Angeles, California with the plan to consolidate the crops of local farmers at a central distribution point. He believed that produce from California could be shipped all the way to the East Coast if it was properly cooled and quickly shipped. Well, he was right, and we have been shipping produce from California to the East Coast, Canada, Mexico, and Japan for over 80 years. Along the way, we developed a passion for sustainability and have incorporated state-of-the-art systems into True Distribution that reduce emissions, save water, and conserve energy. 

400 N. Lombard Street

Oxnard, CA 93032


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